Chips & Bits...


1/2 Bag of Chips€2.40
Traditional Cut Chips€3.50
Cheesy Chips€5.00
Garlic Chips€5.00
Chilli Chips€5.00
Cheese Bacon Chips€6.20
Garlic Cheese Chips€6.20
Garlic Cheese Bacon Chips€7.20
Curry Sauce & Chips€5.20
Sausage Curry Chips€6.00
Sausage Box (2 sausages & chips)€5.30
Egg Box (2 eggs)€5.00
Bacon Box€6.20
Bacon and Egg Box€6.50
Bacon Egg Sausage & Chips€7.00
Taco Chips€7.00
Hot Dog€4.00
Double Hot Dog€5.00

*Our thick steak cut chips are made from real potatoes, chopped and cooked freshly to your order.

Burgers, Kebabs & More...


Cheese Burger€3.50
Cheese Bacon Burger€4.10
1/4 Pounder€4.70
1/4 Pounder With Cheese€5.00
1/4 Pounder With Cheese & Bacon€5.50
1/4 With Cheese, Bacon And Pineapple€6.00
HOUSE SPECIAL BURGER 1/4 With Cheese, Bacon, Pineapple & Mushrooms & Egg€7.20
1/2 Pounder€6.20
1/2 Pounder With Cheese€6.60
1/2 Pounder With Cheese And Bacon€7.20
1/2 With Cheese, Bacon And Pineapple€7.80
1/2 HOUSE SPECIAL (with Cheese, Bacon, Pineapple & Mushrooms)€9.00

*All burgers are garnished with lettuce, onion and ketchup, or to your preferred request.

Doner Kebab€7.00
Chicken Kebab (Southern Fried)€7.00
Southern Fried Chicken Kebab Box€7.50
Doner Kebab Box€7.50

Fish & Battered Bits...


Fresh Cod (Fillet)€7.80
Smoked Cod€7.20
Fish Nuggets Box & Chips€8.00
7 Onion Rings€4.50
Battered Burger€4.00
Battered Sausage€2.50
Spice Burger€2.90

Southern Fried Chicken

Breast Fillet Box (2pcs breasts)€10.00
Nibble Box & Chips (1 breast pce)€6.50
Diner Box (3 breast pce) & Chips€13.00
Southern Fried Chicken Fillet€4.00
Southern Fried Chicken Burger€5.20
Chicken Bites (6)€5.00
Chicken Bites (9)€6.40


Nugget Box (3pcs) with Chips & Capri Sun Drink€5.50
Sausage Box (1) with Chips & Capri Sun Drink€5.50
Doner Kebab Box with Chips & Capri Sun Drink€5.50


Curry Sauce€2.50
Garlic Dip€2.50
Chilli Dip, BBQ€1.50
Ketchup Dip€1.00
Mayo Dip€1.00


Coke – Diet Coke – 7UP – Orange – Mineral Water
500ml Bottle €2.20
330ml Can €1.60
1.75ltr Bottle €3.60



Party Catering

At Henry & Rose we specialise in Party Catering for all occasions, 18th and 21st Birthday Parties, House Party Catering, Festival Catering, Event Catering, Corporate, Schools and Sports Club Catering. We can tailor a menu to suit your needs.

So why not call us on 01 201 8888 to see if we can cater for your function.